This Wednesday (17th August) Awdio an Jawbone invite Jay Haze to come and join the crew from French magazine Trax at the weekly Jawz party. Jay Haze aka Fuckpony and Sub Version has been an active DJ and producer on the house scene for over 10 years running his two labels Turnin Spork and Contexterior. Haze has also lead the way for electronic artists to raise money for worthy causes around the world, notably in the Congo where he made a documentary to raise awareness about the conditions there.

As well as Jay Haze, Ibiza's party people and Awdio addicts will be able to discover two French DJs who've making a name for themselves over the past few years; Popof (Form Records) and Andrade (Pokerflat).
Jawz is on Wednesday 17th August from 4pm at La Plage de L'Elephant, Ibiza. Free for everyone, both on the island and online!



IBIZA Jawz Part3 - Beach Party JAWBONE + Awdio... by SexyRadio